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John Hart Insurance Insures Animals for Movies and Productions

By: John Hart Insurance | September 20, 2013

John Hart Insurance Insures Animals for Movies and Productions

John Hart Insurance is a leading entertainment insurance agency in the Los Angeles area that offers animal mortality insurance to cover animals while involved in movies and other productions. Animal actors can be an important part of any production, and insuring them is good business.

Animal Mortality insurance will pay an agreed value for your animal actors if they die from accidental or natural causes.

Animals have been used in movie-making, advertising, documentaries, print, and various production functions since the early days of the industry. If you are using an animal for any of purpose, short-term mortality insurance is probably part of your contract with the wrangler. John Hart Insurance can cover single dogs for photo shoots, herds of horses and camels for hit movies, and everything in between.

Our extensive list of A-rated insurance carriers allows you to select the best programs at the most competitive premiums. Trust an Independent Broker that specializes in the entertainment industry. Let us handle your insurance needs so you can be "On Time and Under Budget".
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John Hart Insurance has over 60 years combined experience in underwriting and insuring all types of entertainment risks. Film production, permit insurance, rented equipment, special events, features, documentaries, and web content are some of the classifications we insure. Our motto, "If It's Fun, We Insure It".

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