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Be "Production Wise" when using Animals on set from Silver Screen Animals

By: Silver Screen Animals | August 30, 2013

Be "Production Wise" when using Animals on set from Silver Screen Animals

What else has more production value at less cost than an animal? How about an onscreen actor for about $1100 a day (Animal, Trainer, Trans) that receives NO residuals? So bring even more value to Production by hiring Professional Animals. At Silver Screen Animals, animals are socialized and taught to handle camera, lights, booms, clappers and all the craziness on set. This is important for all animals but even more so for horses, exotics and cats.

Professional Trainers understand a set and know how to get a shot safely and efficiently so the experience is good for the animals and the crew. Professional Animals are taught how to act and can get the job done. How much does a minute of production time cost? Does a private party animal or "cheap" animal really save you money?

Support your Industry. Professional animal trainers work for "free" 6 days a week teaching animals to be set ready and ONLY get paid when they are hired onto a project. When private party animals have problems on set, it hurts production and the professionals. We are being hit with more paperwork, licenses, permits, requirements and scrutiny. We have absorbed all of these costs, as of yet, without passing it along to production. Support us so we can continue to bring value to your production with animals that are professionally trained and cared for.

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