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Super-G, the stabilized aerial camera system, now proven with an "Absolute Level Horizon" feature

By: Karl Nettmann | March 1, 2011

Nettmann Systems International, the innovator of open architecture stabilized camera systems, has now upgraded all Super-G aerial systems with a new feature, "Absolute Level Horizon".

For years, an absolute level horizon has been nearly impossible to capture, as the sensor systems on the market were not suited for the dynamics of rotary aircraft. Helicopter crabbing, lateral accelerations and tight cornering confused the sensors, resulting in an unlevel horizon. Even world class ENG gimbals like the Gyron 935 and the Cineflex have suffered from this problem as the centrifugal force of tight cornering causes the roll axis to no longer be level with the horizon.

Nettmann Systems has now conquered this standard aerial dilemma with our H.C.U. (Horizon Control Unit). This sensor package, developed by the engineering team at Nettmann Systems, incorporates specialty sensors, state-of-the-art software and GPS location tracking to offset all level horizon problems associated with the extreme dynamics of aerial cinematography. The H.C.U. is now a standard on all Super-G systems, and there is no increase in the rental fee associated with this improvement.

The H.C.U. has already been used on such productions as Mission Impossible 4, Fast and Furious 5, Black Thirst, JPL/NASA Mars Lander tests, Hawaiian Tourist Board, B-4 Banks, Heineken, Carlsberg, Mitsubishi, Atlas Shrugged, and China Soaring, including aerial coordinators such as Marc Wolf, Jeremy Braben,Craig Hosking and Cliff Fleming; and operators Ron Hersey, Matthew Traub, Reed Smoot and Adam Dale to name a few.

Nettmann Systems, for the last 40 years, has been at the forefront of every aerial cinematography and robotic camera innovation, and continues to this day with its ever-expanding product line and engineering team, dedicated to bringing cinematographers the tools required to get their award winning shots.

Call today to book you next aerial shot with the Super-G.

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