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By: | August 9, 2013 is Celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary

For the past ten years, has been a place to learn more about creating production schedules, budgets and reading more about the industry. The site is a 100% free destination filled with helpful information. Over time, this has expanded to help give you a boost by sharing information vital to creating well-informed production plans. Understanding how a budget is built will much better prepare you when creating (or reviewing) your own. Knowing what to look for and how to think is the best way to start formulating your own project plans.

Starting on August 11, you may be able to win one of many fantastic prizes! By the end of the celebration period, the total prizes given away will be worth almost $100,000! Yes, one hundred thousand dollars - that's insane! What do you need to do for your chance to win something? It's easy - become a member and follow the guidelines on the site. Becoming a member is always free! Plus, I'll be highlighting special offers from partner companies who offer something special to members year-round.

The website was created and is maintained by Stephen Marinaccio, DGA UPM and Line Producer. Visit and join today!

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