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TMB Makes First Contributions to Behind the Scenes from Sales of ProXS Line

By: Behind the Scenes | August 7, 2013

TMB Makes First Contributions to Behind the Scenes from Sales of ProXS Line

TMB joined the Behind the Scenes Pledge-a-Product program last spring by pledging 10% of global sales of their ProXS professional lighting fixture accessories to the charity. They have placed special displays in dealer showrooms around the world so customers know they are helping when they make a purchase of something as simple as a gel frame. The ProXS line includes pattern holders, donuts, top hats, half hats, irises, barndoors, color extenders, beam benders, spill rings, color frames, and more. For more information visit

TMB's customers have responded to the opportunity to assist their colleagues and TMB has already made two donations to Behind the Scenes. TMB CEO Colin Waters commented, "Behind the Scenes is a really great program. We are glad to be able to do our small part."

Rick Rudolph, Chair of the Behind the Scenes Committee, expressed that "TMB and TMB's customers are making a difference every day through their participation in the Pledge-a-Product program. The charity's needs continue to grow as does our gratitude to our partners."

The ESTA Foundation's Behind the Scenes program provides financial assistance to entertainment technology professionals who are seriously ill or injured. For more information about Behind the Scenes, to donate, or to apply for a grant, visit If you are interested in joining the Pledge-a-Product program please contact Lori Rubinstein at 212-244-1421.

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