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Studio Wings Safely Completes Season 8 of CBS' Criminal Minds

By: Studio Wings | June 6, 2013

Studio Wings Safely Completes Season 8 of CBS\' Criminal Minds

The 2013 Season Finale of Criminal Minds recently aired on CBS and we are excited to announce Studio Wings once again coordinated and flew the exciting aerial action! The night time aerial filming included FBI HQ rooftop take offs and landings, numerous air-to-air shots, as well as precision landings in a deserted field and a simulated helicopter crash which resulted in a dramatic finale! Studio Wings utilized its Safety Management Systems manual to exceed FAA safety requirements by carefully identifying and fully mitigating the risks involved in filming multiple helicopters, flying and landing in close formation at night.

Check out the 2-hour Season 8 Finale, Episode 23 "Brothers Hotchner/The Replicator" at CBS Criminal Minds

Studio Wings aerial expertise can also be seen on the upcoming NBC series, Conspiracy and recent episodes of Castle and Glee.

About Studio Wings
Whether your project calls for a single aerial POV shot or a Sortie of FA-18 Super Hornets, Studio Wings™ has the creative talent and aerial production expertise to consistently bring in spectacular dailies. From breathtaking aerial cinematography, shot by the finest DP's in the industry, to the choreography, coordination and piloting of the most extreme helicopter and airplane stunt sequences imaginable, Studio Wings™ will exceed your expectations every shot, every time. With more than 25 years experience and a perfect safety record, Studio Wings™ is the one stop destination for all aviation related filming requirements.

Services Include - Picture Aircraft, Location Scouting, Aerial Coordinators, Technical Consulting, Highly Skilled Film Pilots, Aerial Cinematographers, Budgets and Breakdowns, Production Transportation, Ground Support Personnel, FAA Approved Flight Manual, Technical Support For Writers, Risk Assessments and Mitigation, Production Painting and Mockups, Special Use Airspace Film Permits & $20M Liability Insurance Certificates

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