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Desert. Wilderness. Wasteland. Sushi?

By: Emma Fulenwider | May 14, 2013

Desert. Wilderness. Wasteland. Sushi?

You wouldn't know it by looking at the location shots on, but class and comfort are just minutes away.

"The most perplexing question people ask is 'What's the closest hotel to Ridgecrest?' And I tell them 'We have 18 hotels to choose from,'" said Emma Fulenwider, Assistant Film Commissioner at the Ridgecrest Regional Film Commission.

"Most of our film crews don't realize until they get here that they could have hired several of their services locally instead of hauling them up from LA."

Solution - The Ridgecrest Filming Discount Card.

"We approached our members and asked them to give a 10% discount to film professionals. The business community in Ridgecrest has always welcomed filming, so they were excited for the opportunity to demonstrate it."

The Ridgecrest Regional Film Commission is giving away 300 discount cards this year. Listed on the card are a dozen of the RRFC's business members, offering discounts on services such as catering, equipment rental, and printing.

"Some of our greatest money-savers aren't even on the card," Emma said. "We know a lot of local businesses that offer deals to film crews, most people just don't think to ask."

"Next year we want to give out more cards with more services, but this is a good start. It let's film professionals know that we are here to support them and save them money."

Film professionals can request a card by emailing Emma at or visit the Ridgecrest booth at the AFCI Locations Show next month.

We market the 10,000 square miles in and around Ridgecrest, CA. 350+ Days of sun and 350+ nights of stars in the Mojave "High" Desert.
(800) 847-4830 / (760) 375-8202

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