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PGA Announces Finalists for 2013 PGA Proshow

By: 42West | May 13, 2013

PGA Announces Finalists for 2013 PGA Proshow

The Producers Guild of America (PGA) announced today the eleven finalists for the 2013 PGA Producers Showcase (ProShow) competition. Three grand prize winners will be announced at the 5th annual Produced By Conference (PBC) on June 8-9, held at 20th Century Fox Studios. The eleven finalists are:

Feature Film Category -- development sponsor: Fox International Productions

1.) Coming About - Joyce Cox
2.) Fool Me Twice - James D. Brubaker
3.) Jack of the Red Hearts - Lucy Murkajee
4.) The Girl Who Owned the City - Brandi Savitt
5.) Vera - Noam Dromi

Reality Television Category - development sponsor: Ryan Seacrest Productions

6.) The Next Dragon - Janell Vila Smith
7.) Scandalous - Darian Ward
8.) Hollywood Moms - Chris Dupre & Rotimi Rainwater

Online Content - development sponsor: Maker Studios

9.) Cartoon Block - A.J. Vargas & Evan Burse
10.) Double D Girls - Zach Wilson
11.) Supermom - Kelly McKendry & Cheryl Conway

The goal of the PGA ProShow competition is to facilitate global and local producers' projects by offering the opportunity to win a chance to work with top industry producers, film financiers and distributors, with an emphasis on international co-productions for the feature film category.

"Each of our finalists brings a fresh perspective to this year's ProShow competition, and as a group, they reflect significant producing trends in our industry. I thank the PGA for continuing to support our network of producers and wish everyone luck!" said Stu Levy (Priest, Pray for Japan), Chair of the PGA's International Committee and Chair of the PGA Producers Showcase.

All finalists will receive award packages, the combined value of which totals more than $20,000, with the three grand prize winners also receiving development deals for their winning projects at their respective sponsoring companies.

The 11 finalists will receive free admission to this year's PBC where they will participate in one-on-one meetings with top Hollywood financiers, studios and production companies. Three grand prize winning projects - one in each category - will be announced at the conclusion of the "DEVELOPING AND PACKAGING FILMS IN THE BRAVE NEW WORLD" session at the 2013 PBC on Sunday, June 9.

Applicants' projects were reviewed and selected by members of the PGA International Committee, in addition to representatives from each of the sponsoring companies.

The 2013 PGA ProShow competition is sponsored by TheWrap and Final Draft.

About the Produced By Conference (PBC)
Reaching across film, television and new media, the Produced By Conference (PBC) is an educational forum conducted by acclaimed producers, including numerous Academy and Emmy Award winners, as well as the next generation of creative entrepreneurs. The Produced By Conference is held through the Producers Guild of America's charitable entity, the PGA Foundation, as it epitomizes the Foundation's core mission to educate those who work in the producing profession. Follow the 2013 Produced By Conference on Facebook and Twitter at and or #ProducedBy.

About the Producers Guild of America (PGA)
The Producers Guild of America is the non-profit trade group that represents, protects and promotes the interests of all members of the producing team in film, television and new media. The Producers Guild has more than 5,600 members who work together to protect and improve their careers, the industry and community by providing members with employment opportunities, seeking to expand health benefits, promoting fair and impartial standards for the awarding of producing credits, as well as other education and advocacy efforts such as encouraging sustainable production practices. Visit,, and for more information.


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