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Packair's White Glove Service

By: Packair | May 13, 2013

Packair\'s White Glove Service

Packair Airfreight is pleased to announce the Packair White Glove Service - offering a "cleaner" option for moving merchandise from one place to another and ensuring its spotless and great condition upon arrival to destination.

Planning on moving wedding dresses and props to a beach in Hawaii for the filming of the next Hollywood romance comedy? Please invite Packair's White Glove Service into your studio where they can gather any of your belongings and secure them for transport, whether across the borders or across the world. We could even package all of your studio's cameras and set paintings, getting them where they need to go smudge-free and unstained.

Shipping for small businesses or personal needs? Packair's White Glove Service will even come into your home and handle your furniture, electronics, garments, and any other goods or products that you need to keep clean.

For any items in particular that need to remain free of stains and dust, trust Packair to render a meticulous White Glove Service transportation package, guaranteeing that each item will be transported carefully wrapped and stored, securing the condition of your merchandise worldwide.

About Packair
Packair is a leading provider of logistics & support for many of Hollywood's largest studios & productions. We have 30 years of experience providing highly specialized services to the industry. Using Air, Ocean, Truck and Rail we are able to provide support & assistance for all of our customer shipments. Call us for a free quote!

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