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New Transvideo 7" Rainbow HD on-board Monitor to be presented at Cine Gear

By: Transvideo | May 7, 2013

New Transvideo 7" Rainbow HD on-board Monitor to be presented at Cine Gear

New Transvideo 7" RainbowHD on-board monitor presented at Cine Gear (booth #115). Transvideo 7" RainbowHD is a revolutionary 3 -in-1 production monitor. Three pre-programmed modes for Assistant, Operator/Director and D.I.T, are each designed for a specific set assignment. This monitor works around you instead of you working around it. Various tools can be called up from each mode.

The 7" HD professional monitor has an extra slim profile with a total volume 30% smaller than other 7". Its weight of 1.5 lbs is ideal for new light digital cameras. With a viewing angle of 160 vertical and horizontal, its visibility in full sun is unrivaled. Yet, it draws only 12w (30% less than other 7"). On a dark set its dimmable backlight keeps it un-noticed. Of course it accepts all HD formats, Composite, and HDMI with an HDMI to SDI up-converter.

About Transvideo
Transvideo has been the leading manufacturer of production monitors for 20 years. The only monitor manufacturer to win an Academy Award for its contribution to the film industry. Now supplying HD/SD, 2D and 3D professional monitors.

Marianne Exbrayat
North Hollywood, California
Tel: 818 985 4903

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