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City of Santa Clarita announces Movie Ranch Overlay Zone

By: Santa Clarita Film Office | May 7, 2013

City of Santa Clarita announces Movie Ranch Overlay Zone

With the approval of the South Sand Canyon annexation on Tuesday, April 16, 2013, the City of Santa Clarita welcomed its first three movie ranch properties into the Movie Ranch Overlay Zone (MOZ), including: Sable Movie Ranch, Rancho Maria and A Rancho Deluxe. Of the 692 acres included in the annexation, 540 acres are dedicated movie ranch properties.

The City created the Movie Ranch Overlay Zone as a way to support existing production and film businesses while attracting new production and film companies. Filming on these properties will benefit from reduced cost permits and expedited permit processing time.

About the Santa Clarita Valley Film Office
Film office and permitting for City of Santa Clarita, which is in the 30-mile zone. Resources include information about post production facilities, prop/set decorating houses, sound stages, movie ranches, location services, catering, grip & lighting equipment.

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