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Airplane Shoots are a Breeze Thanks to Aero Mock-Ups

By: Aero Mock-Ups | April 8, 2013

Airplane Shoots are a Breeze Thanks to Aero Mock-Ups

Now you can get it right the first time! Save Time, Save Money. Aero Mock-Ups reveals money saving secrets of Aviation Interiors. Aero Mock-Ups announces the release of a new friendly website ( that is designed to provide your production with the information needed to save time and money! Not only is the entire inventory of interiors, props, and set dressing available with photos and descriptions, but now the complete schematics are available with quantities and dimensions. This will make building a scene much more efficient eliminating any surprises on set due to inefficient planning.

When planning an airplane interior scene, no two are alike. Custom-sized aircrafts, interior designs, layouts, and amenities change for every shoot. Typically trying to layout exactly what will fit on set has required a lot of planning and alterations to complete the jigsaw puzzle of interior layout. With the already assembled airline sets (which are modular with the ability to connect together as many as needed) not only does it make the setup quick, it is easier to wild out sections so you can get the perfect shot. The website ( has complete dimensions and schematics so you will know, down to the inch, your space requirements. With a few clicks of the mouse you will have information that until now would have taken hours to compile. It even gives information such as the number of people it will require to set up.

Take a look at the new website to see the selection and information that is revolutionizing the industry.


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