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Picture Vehicles Unlimited Selected to Build Replica for the Introduction of the new Infiniti M Hybrid

February 21, 2011

Picture Vehicles Unlimited was selected to build a replica of the 1887 Immisch electrically powered Volk 3-Wheeler for the introduction of the new Infiniti M Hybrid.

Elia Popov, Chris Ward and A.J. Thrasher of Jem SFX and Cary McCall along with PVU owner Mike Ryan built it from the only know photograph in 6 days, for the Saturday February 19th shoot at the Universal studio back lot.
Smuggler Productions produced the spot and Adam Berg directed.

The Immisch will be shipped to Infiniti Headquarters in Franklin Tennessee and placed in their lobby along with their new hybrid.

As a side note, Mike helped his dad cut down a black walnut tree at his home in Oak Ridge Tennessee several years ago. Mike Brought the trunk back to California with the intent of building a table top but there wasn't enough length to do it, so he made all of the seating and floor boards for the Immisch from his dad's walnut tree, which is now headed back to it's home state.

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