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"Ultimate Arm", Gyro-Stabilized Camera Crane Honored with the 2011 SOC Lifetime Technical Achievement Award"

By: Adventure Equipment | Feb 17, 2011

Congratulations to George Peters, Lev Yevstratov, and Joseph Bednar for their second Life Time Achievement Award (the Ultimate Arm team won an Academy Award for Technical Achievement in 2006) for the design and development of the "Ultimate Arm," Gyro-Stabilized Camera Crane. The Society of Camera Operators honored the Ultimate Arm team for their cutting edge equipment on February 5, 2011, at a ceremony benefiting the Mission Center at Children's Hospital, Los Angeles.

Founded in 2003 by George Peters, Lev Yestratov and Joseph Bednar, the three men joined together to create a venture that would thereafter prove itself in the industry time and time again. Lev is a Moscow trained engineer. After earning his PhD equivalent, Lev worked on military stability systems before partnering up with George and Joe. George has been in the film industry for over 30 years working as a grip, crane, camera operator, and the likes. Today George still takes an active role in running the daily operations of Adventure Equipment LLC, as well as operating The Ultimate Arm and Lev Head throughout the world. Joe specializes in business management and currently owns and operates many successful businesses.

To know and work with the Ultimate Arm is to love it. It is considered the most advanced gyro-stabilized camera crane on the market, and can be mounted on any mobile platform and has the perfect combination of speed, stability and agility. The arm can pan at a rate of 90 per second, making one complete rotation in less than five seconds, no matter how diverse or rough the terrain. No matter how extreme the movement of the arm, The Ultimate Arm crane remains stable.
The Ultimate Arm separates itself from the rest in that the arm and counter balanced rear are independent of each other. Designed to carry heavy loads, this allows the crane arm to absorb the frequency and reduce the oscillating effect that often plagues more rigid arms.
Easy to operate with both standard wheels and joystick controls, the Ultimate Arm and Lev Head are a perfect fit for camera operators. The joystick allow the operator to control Pan, Tilt, Dutch and zoom simultaneously. The diversity of our equipment allows us to adapt to almost any stabilized head in the industry, and has afforded many operators the ability to hop on board the system and begin using it immediately.

Its list of credits include Iron Man 1 & 2, Batman Begins, The Dark Night, Eagle Eye, Avatar, Quantum of Solace, Terminator: Salvation, The Hangover, Shutter Island, Green Hornet, Inception , and Salt.

Ultimate Gyrostabilized Camera Equipment

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