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What A Line Producer Should Know Before Working On The Insurance

By: John Hart Insurance | February 27, 2013

What A Line Producer Should Know Before Working On The Insurance

Broker of Record
The entertainment insurance marketplace is very competitive. When a broker submits for a quote, the insurance company issues a Broker of Record. You see insurance companies never want to be embarrassed by having two different quotes to two different brokers, so they only deal with one broker at a time. If the Line Producer goes to four different brokers, thinking they will get four different quotes, what usually happens is one of the brokers secures the Broker of Record at the different insurance companies, so the other brokers won't have access to the market. This is a "small town". An entertainment insurance broker will almost always make sure you are getting the best coverage for the best price. If you want to change brokers or get access to other quotes, you can submit a Broker of Record Letter to the insurance company. The incumbent broker has 10 days before relinquishing the Broker of Record, but they will more than likely release the BOR upon your request.

Information for the Application
Make sure you can provide the name of the production company, address, telephone, email and the names of the Principals, the Executive Producer, Producer and Director. Before anything happens, you will need to provide a copy of the working budget and script. You need to be clear on the locations you are filming, especially if outside the USA. You need to advise how long the Pre-Production, Production and Post Production periods are.

Stunt, Animals and Hazardous Activities
Make sure the broker knows from the very beginning what types of stunts/pyro you will be doing. Advise if there are any helicopter shots, motorcycles or animals.

Cast Insurance
When you have Cast Insurance, make sure you know which actors you want scheduled as soon a possible. Provide the broker with a list including the artist's name and the role. Scheduled actors are covered for Accident Only on the Cast Insurance pending the receipt and clearance of a Cast Medical Exam from an industry approved physician before they can be covered for Medical. It's important to work with the broker making sure all the exams are done and the underwriting is complete.

Payroll Service Company
Make sure you use a Payroll Service Company that will also handle the Workers Compensation. WC coverage is difficult to place on a primary basis.

Locking Locations
When locking a location, it's advisable to do a video walk-through with the property owner. Film each area of the location you will be using, so if there is damage you can show that there was pre-existing damage on the tape. Also, discuss the locations insurance requirements before you sign the agreement to be certain you have enough coverage and won't be surprised later when you have to buy additional coverage for premium that is not in your budget.

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