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Growing FX for the Next Generation and the BIG Easy

By: Tech Works FX Studios | February 26, 2013

Growing FX for the Next Generation and the BIG Easy

"Its time for us to grow. Hollywood has spread out and so should we!", says Valek Sykes the owner of Tech Works FX Studios, Los Angeles. The fx company known for robots, creatures and make up fx has opened two new companies. The first is "Learn" a make up effects and animatronics school created to advance the skills in the industry and ensure a new generation of amazing effects artists. For more info on the make up FX school go to . The other company was created to deal with the growth of the film industry in Louisiana.

Introducing "Apocalypse FX Studios" , a new company which is located in the New Orleans area which will be the home base for everything from Make Up Effects to Creatures and Costumes. Louisiana has become a new powerhouse for productions and the fx industry has to follow. "We want to bring our professionalism and skills to the Big Easy, and help productions there make some great films and grow the industry we love."

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