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It's Time to get ADD

By: Advanced Digital Design | February 13, 2013

It\'s Time to get ADD

Advanced Digital Design has been operating for 17 years and is growing. Owner Paul Formanek is announcing ADD's expansion into new facilities in Woodland Hills. Originating in Video Production, Advanced Digital Design's reputation has grown as a boutique one-stop shop for editorial, VFX and finishing services.

"We still provide classic services as well as cutting edge modern work." Paul states, "We've pulled from 8mm to help accomplish certain looks for modern commercial broadcasts as well as handled multiple RED camera workflows. We proudly vault all of Huell Howser's California Gold analogue masters here, we handle all DVD manufacturing and distribution from this very location. We also digitally pipe our work to locations around the globe."

Post Supervisor Brian Williams began as an assistant editor on feature films and transitioned into the role of Post-Production Supervisor on numerous television and independent features. In 2006, he began serving as Paul Formanek's Chief Technologist, helping with the transition from the physical formats of tape and film to the digital formats of encoded files and theatrical DCPs and has helped grow the business to it's current state. He currently oversees the various departments of sound, editorial, graphics, SFX and color. "Our experience guarantees quality," Brian smiles, "but we gift every project with a level of care, because we love what we do. We're filmmakers. We're artists. We're tech guys. For the first time, we can do everything end-to-end in one house. It is such an exciting time to be in this industry! "

Creative Director C.J. LongHammer joined in December of 2012, rebranded the company to its signature new look and announced the relaunch at an event during Sundance in January.
"So many people try to say 'you can't do everything.' Muses LongHammer, "That's a big reason why I chose ADD, because here, you CAN do everything."

LongHammer cut his teeth at Method Studios in Santa Monica, where he grew with the boutique company that caught the eye of Ascent Media then Deluxe. Pepsi, Audi, Yahoo, Sony, culminating with Spike Jonze's "I'm here" (a Sundance 2010 premiere) was a whirlwind of post-production experience.

C.J. then coordinated Visual Effects for X-Men: First Class at Digital Domain before producing international commercials for Snickers, Ford, Miller Lite and Forever 21 at Sway Studio in Culver City.

"When I first came to ADD, I saw it: we are a mini-studio system. From conception to distribution, we accomplish every step of the process. This guarantees a sustained level of productivity and quality that really can't be offered anywhere else. "

ADD boasts it's own 2,000sq ft greenscreen cyclorama with a 2nd story broadcast control booth, a 15 seat screening Dolby 5.1 surround sound digital projection theater, full Avid and Final Cut editorial services, VFX and color correction, production office space for rent , and delivers HDCAM-SR, Digi-Beta, 3D Bluray and DVD.

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