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Global ImageWorks announces representation of the Media Burn archive

By: | Oct. 6, 2010

Media Burn is an extraordinary collection of work by independent video producers reflecting cultural, political and social reality from 1969 through 2010. This unique archive contains the work of cutting edge video pioneers from around the world. We are excited to represent this archive as it expands and broadens our already strong social, political and global conflict collections Look inside the social movement of the 60s and 70s from those who were there.
Explore the influence of media on democracy, issues of race, gender, culture and society.
Access TV series from independent producers including: The 90s, Chicago Slices, and Weekend TV.
Media Burn contains over 6,000 hours of independently produced, non-fiction documentaries with over 900 hours now digitized and available for viewing. The entire archive is available to search through a text database.

Visit or call (201) 384-7715

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