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Film Producers Put Stamp On Carnet to Mexico

By: CIB | December 4, 2012

Film Producers Put Stamp On Carnet to Mexico

Since the addition of Mexico to the ATA Carnet system eighteen months ago, film and video producers have been the biggest beneficiaries and have successfully influenced the scope of acceptance of carnets into Mexico. Producers hit the ground running in May of 2011, applying for carnets almost 3 times as often as the next group of users (Training, Testing and Demos).

Early on producers also expressed disappointment that Cabo San Lucas was not on the list of approved ports of entry for carnets into Mexico. The initial list of ports included Tijuana, Juarez, Nuevo Laredo, Altamira, Veracruz, Manzanillo, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Cancun, and Mexico City Airport.

"Our customer service representatives were getting requests for Cabo to be added to the list of approved ports. Being forced to clear customs through alternate ports in Mexico was affecting producers' itineraries and complicating their travel," reported Leslie August, Senior Vice President of boomerang freight solutions. "We were very eager to have Mexico's introduction into the carnet system be successful so I communicated this concern to the Mexican National Guaranteeing Association, CANACO," Ms. August continued. "I really didn't expect anything to happen for at least a year because CANACO responded by turning down that request." And then, within 30 days, in a rare instance of expedited international cooperation, Mexico added the customs territory, that includes Cabo San Lucas, to the list of approved ports. "We were very pleased that CANACO was so responsive to U.S. producers' needs. Some of it might be explained by the strong desire Mexico has to attract U.S. production. Their film commission actually promotes the carnet as a benefit of shooting in Mexico over other Latin American countries, with the exception of Chile," commented August.

The introduction of carnets into Mexico has been generally smooth however CANACO did issue a warning several months ago concerning pre-shipment registration of carnets. Mexico requires an online pre-shipment form to be submitted for each carnet. Since an occasional carnet would be presented without the pre-shipment registration, Mexican carnet authorities wanted to reiterate the need for the pre-shipment registration to be completed.

For additional information about using an ATA Carnet to Mexico, contact the CIB Carnet HelpLine at 800.ATA.2900 or email a Carnet Specialist.

CIB has branded its ATA Carnet services as Boomerang Freight℠ Solutions since every shipment that we deal with goes out and comes back to its country of exportation. It is also known as The ATA Carnet Specialists. We are the only ATA Carnet service provider / issuer whose only business is ATA Carnets. Our latest venture into carnet branding is to transform the word carnet into a verb! CIB now issues approximately 6000 carnets annually.We serve exporters in all 50 U.S. states from our centralized issuing facility, the ATA Carnet Service Center in Illinois, where we have extended service hours and weekend and holiday service. Satellite locations in the large manufacturing and exporting states, Texas and California, provide additional servicing of our clients. Remote printing facilities in New York and Los Angeles provide same-day service at JFK and LAX as well as carnet concierge "meet & greet" services there.

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