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Brockett's Film Fauna on hit TV shows

By: Brockett | October 16, 2012

Brockett\'s Film Fauna on hit TV shows

Greetings from Brockett's Film Fauna!

We hope this message finds you well, and we would very much like to see you soon on the job. All of us here at Film Fauna are excited to have this opportunity to share with you some of our recent projects. From alligators playing frisbee to bugs on prosthetic human remains we have been doing it all. We were proud to be a part of the Emmy winning show "Louie" with ducklings. Also our client Petco has been keeping us up on knowing ALL of the top dogs and cats in show business as we have been doing many print ads for them.

Fox's hit show "Bones" has been a blast to work on this season. Of course, they always keep us busy with thousands of maggots and other insects. In addition to the usual creepy crawlies this season we have also had a cockatoo, baboons, a wolf, a zebra, a camel, an ostrich, a boar, a kangaroo, a raccoon, crows, and vultures on the show! Besides staying busy shooting Bones we have been training animals for the show The mentalist. Our employees spent a week training rabbits and dogs on this season.

Our large alligators have been working on a few different projects. Our last big alligator job was an advertisement for an English beer. The gag was about how odd an alligator would be for a pet. We had an alligator walking on a leash, playing frisbee, coming through a doggie door, sitting on a bar top, and laying on a dog bed! The clients were very pleased with our ability to make their vision happen professional and safely.

Some of our recent work with snakes has included the halloween episode of "The Price Is Right," a music video for Grimes, private parties and photo shoots. Our large green iguana and other large lizards have been working up a storm on various television shows and commercials. Including a post Emmy appearance on "Good Morning America," and promoting the new BBC America show "No Kitchen Required." Our Nile crocodile just worked on "The Conan O'Brien Show." Don't worry, everyone still has all ten fingers. Our very large and gentle anaconda made a strangling debut working on the new comedic hit "Animal Practice.' Our impressive King cobra was a shape-shifter on the popular "True Blood."

Just a reminder that it is still rattlesnake season, and we provide experienced handlers for location wildlife safety. Our handlers have been very busy working on several shows such as "Bones" and "American Horror Story" keeping the crews safe from any indigenous dangers. They show up educated and with the proper safety equipment. They are always ready to use their experience to quietly and professionally search and scan locations for rattlesnakes, hives, and other potential wildlife dangers.

We do specialize in reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids but we want you to know that we also work with a variety of other animals from chickens to bobcats. Please think of us for your next project with any kind of critter!

~ Jim & Gina Brockett and dedicated employees
(805) 379-3141

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