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Photographer, John Ater Joins Art Dimensions

By: Art Dimensions | October 16, 2012

Photographer, John Ater Joins Art Dimensions

"Photography is the practice of the moment, the practice of now. When I have a camera in hand, time disappears and I constantly capture with clarity. Out of that practice come some amazing photos, fractions of seconds of the now captured for me to share with others, tiny little anchors to what is now lost to the past, static examples of the dynamic flow of life. What a wonderful gift to be present, not lost in the past or the future. Present. Dynamic. Alive. In the moment. That is photography for me."

John Ater's photographs are available in various sizes for rental and sale and would be a fabulous addition to any home, set or office. Check out for more images.

Art rental and sales business which leases fine contemporary art with option to buy including paintings, prints, sculptures and photography. Cleared artwork.

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