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Cal-State Site Services, Inc. Acquires Nature Calls Port A Potties, All-State and Statewide Rent A Fence Companies

By: Eric Giffin | February 14, 2011

Cal-State Site Services, Inc. has expanded into the field of portable sanitation with the acquisition of Nature Calls Porta A Potties' inventory and accounts. After 22 years in the temporary fence industry Cal-State Site Services is proud to announce their expansion into the Farmlands of the Oxnard Plains and the addition of an impressive number of brand new units to serve most of Southern and Central California. Included in this expansion are Standard Toilets, Ag trailers, VIP units, Wash Stations, Hot Sinks and ADA Units.

Cal-State Site Services, Inc., formerly Cal-State Rent A Fence, Inc. has also acquired the inventory and accounts of All-State Rent A Fence and Statewide Rent A Fence. They now boast over a million feet of inventory for any size rental fence job. The corporate headquarters have been moved to an expansive 1.5 acre site in the heart of Simi Valley, CA. which will compliment their satellite truck and inventory yards.

Cal-State Site Services, Inc. has been providing temporary fence and custom work for the film industry, special events, sports leagues, construction sites and residential use and can now provide a total package for virtually any possible use. Their impressive fleet of vehicles including a new state of the art pump truck can service all of their accounts ranging from San Diego to Paso Robles and everything in between.

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