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The excitement of the London Games just barely over

By: SOS Global | September 13, 2012

The excitement of the London Games just barely over

Same Day Delivery! Olympic Park, London to US Open, Flushing, New York.

The Excitement of the London Games just barely over, many countries still in the midst of celebrating victories, broadcasting and logistics professionals have the next event in sight.

Planning for this highly orchestrated relay began months in advance of the first delivery. SOS Global Express's team in the USA and UK had the privilege of working alongside broadcasters from USA, Japan, brazil , Europe, UK and Mexico to name a few. SOS has been actively involved in the Olympics dating back to 1988.

Team work
Several departments working on this project as well as different offices, communication became essential. For example some gear may have came in to London as Ocean freight but would then need to be packaged and prepped for the Charter flight, to make the USTA matches.
Tight timelines are a common place for the SOS Global Express team, most shows and events are back to back but this particular shipment allowed for no oversights by any of the parties involved from the Airline all the way to the people packing up the gear at venues.

Local hurdles
The organized chaos of picking up the freight at the IBC (International Broadcast Center) in the Olympic Park began at 6am and continued around the clock until Wednesday morning. As trucks finished loading they quickly were shuttled to the airport. SOS was on the ground at the airport cross referencing case numbers being loaded and matching up paperwork as it arrived. A constant communication flow was established between, USA and London crews at venues, airport and local offices was maintained at all times.

The Charter scheduled to take off at noon local time with deliveries scheduled for Thursday evening in NY! With tight timeframes delivery, customs and loading of the aircraft was needed to be as seamless as possible. Scheduled deliveries were to begin Friday morning; however the team was able to clear all the gear and delivered Thursday evening allowing broadcasters additional time to setup for the US Open.

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