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LCW Props is your one stop shop

By: LCW Props | September 4, 2012

LCW Props is your one stop shop

LCW Props is your one stop shop to finding everything you need. We are always expanding, and have recently added two new 20,000 sq ft warehouses. We specialize in everything from aerospace components all the way to custom computer server racks. Take a peek at our website to see over 5,000 pictures online.

Let us help you with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Our only goal is to satisfy your needs, and we're budget conscious too.

We are the only prop house that also owns a full fledged recycling company as well. That being said, we can offer a wide range of extra services including creating the most realistic clean trash and alley dressing that can fit with any budget. Our prices will not be beat, nor will our drive to complete satisfaction of our customers.

We have an extensive website at Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions, whether big or small, that you may have. We are happy to work with any sized budget.

We are located at:
6439 San Fernando Rd.
Glendale, CA. 91201
(818) 243-0707

Our sales staff:
Mark Ringelberg
(818) 254-7463

Luke Zoeller
(818) 660-5853

Randy Ramos
(818) 254-7464

Austin Ringelberg
(818) 254-7086

Andre Reese
(818) 254-8503

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