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Mississippi Is Getting Busy With Faulkner And Franco

By: Mississippi Film Studios At Canton | August 15, 2012

Mississippi Is Getting Busy With Faulkner And Franco

Putting on his director's hat, actor James Franco will direct the film adaptation of "As I Lay Dying," one of William Faulkner's most celebrated novels. Production begins next month and will be basing operations at Mississippi Film Studios and in the city of Canton. The feature will be shooting on location in and around the Canton area. Lee Caplin, executive manager of Faulkner's literary estate and founder of Picture Entertainment Corp, will co-produce. "It's an honor to be adapting a Faulkner novel, and a pleasure to be able to film in Mississippi locations, where the story was set," said Franco in an interview posted at

"Canton's capacity to accommodate film production makes it ideal for projects like this" said Jeremy Hariton, who markets and operates Mississippi Film Studios at Canton through RoadTown Enterprises. Hariton added, "You can do a film like 'As I Lay Dying' that has a small budget and a big story because there are so many people (in Mississippi) willing to help."

Mississippi is welcoming film production with open arms. The state has a 25% cash rebate on in-state spend and a 30% cash rebate on local crew hire. Additionally, The Canton Convention & Visitor's Bureau and RoadTown Enterprises offer filmmakers the State's only purpose built - soundstage (36,000 sf), Mississippi Film Studios at Canton.

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