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Film Liaisons In California Statewide Announces New Location Research Tool

By: Charla Teeters | June 26, 2012

Film Liaisons In California Statewide Announces New Location Research Tool

An efficient new tool for researching film and TV locations as well as other production resources in California has been announced by the Film Liaisons In California Statewide (FLICS) in the form of the launch of that organization's extensively redesigned website of . According to Beverly Lewis, FLICS Chair and Director of the Placer-Lake Tahoe Film Office, the new website is more than a face lift. It is now an interactive internet based tool created to efficiently connect time-strapped location professionals with the extensive location resources and information available statewide.

Ms. Lewis said, "The ability provided by the FLICS website to efficiently access the extensive diversity of filming locations offered in California that can stand-in for any place on the globe at any period in time has very clear advantages for all productions". An important aspect of location and pre-production research is about information gathering and delivery. In recreating the site Ms. Lewis indicated the intent is to make information on the state's vast filming locations more readably accessible and responsive to location professionals and the industry as a whole. FLICS members worked alongside nationally recognized web developer Ramon Jaime of DBR Creative ( in the development of the FLICS web site as a framework for the comprehensive research of this state's extensive location and production assets. The site's new format will allow it grow and expand to meet the requirements of the production industry. Feedback from location and other production professionals is encouraged. Let's take a look at some of the features of

With one click access any of the 42 FLICS member film offices throughout California. Put them to work for you. They are an effective and strong component in the complex location production process. Their rates can't be beat. They're free. Film commissions can give location professionals and the production team excellent starting directions and help save a lot of time by putting the scouting process on a productive path. Each of them bring to the table an effective combination of production logistics savvy and location expertise coupled with valuable community and political connectivity which can be pivotal in getting things done. FLICS members get "shot" for being cooperative.

In the upper right corner of the home page location professionals can submit specific location requests with one email. These are then emailed immediately to regional film offices throughout the state. Film commissions will then reply directly to those making the request.

A unique feature titled "Step on It!" offers pictures of production friendly paved roads that do not require traffic control, public impact or involve the costly logistics of filming on public roadways which can equate to significant production savings. Currently in its beginning stage this feature promises to be a valuable resource as the selections grow and expand. Contributions from location managers and scouts are welcomed and encouraged. Roads are grouped by film commission.

Access to the state's vast production assets and useful contacts is provided through a direct link to the California Film Commission and their extensive location library on cinemascout.

Production professionals can stay informed on the status of California legislation as it relates to the state's entertainment industry including updates on state and local financial incentives. FLICS, alongside the California Film Commission and other industry stake holders, continues to take a proactive role in the political landscape as it affects California's entertainment industry.

Rounding out the feature rich FLICS web site will be rotating profiles on the state's various regions with valuable location and production information, special location profiles, highlights of recent productions working on location in addition to industry news and events.
In summary, at its core, the FLICS is about supporting California's film, TV and commercial production industry with highly developed experience and professionalism.

The FLICS is an organization created in 1988 with non-profit status established in 2005. It consists of regional film offices throughout California that provide entertainment industry clients with important location support and resources in addition to promoting California's film industry and marketing the state's location and production assets to the industry worldwide. FLICS also produces the California On Location Awards (COLA), the first and only live awards gala honoring location professionals and production companies for outstanding performance while filming on location in California. The 18th annual COLA program will take place in October of 2012. ( )

Beverly Lewis
Chair of the FLICS Board of Directors
Director of the Placer - Lake Tahoe Film Office
175 Fulweiler Avenue
Auburn, California 95063
Telephone: 530-889-4091
Film Liaisons In California Statewide (FLICS)

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