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By: Instinct For Film | June 11, 2012


Andrew Simpson and his company Instinct, animals for film Inc have been spending a lot of time in China recently working on the feature film project 'Wolf Totem'

Company owner, Andrew Simpson, has been working with animals in the film industry for over 20 years. He has trained many species from insects and birds to bears although he now specializes in wolves.

It was because of his reputation he was asked to take his crew to China to do something which had never been done before...train Chinese wolves to act for the film version of the award wining novel Wolf Totem.

Directed by legendary French filmmaker Jean Jaques Annaud, 'Wolf Totem' is sure to be another epic animal masterpiece. Because there are no trained wolves in China Andrew and his crew have been there for over 12 months already training the wolves.

When asked to comment Andrew said this has been his biggest most challenging project to date. "Nothing here is as it seems, it's a completely different situation than we are normally used to"

"It was a huge deal to bring Westerners into China to work on such a big budget Chinese film, but within a few weeks we began to win them over to how we do things. Now everyone can see just what is achievable with wolves"

The ground work for Wolf Totem started in 2010 and with a schedule rumoured to last until the end of 2013 it seems Instinct will be in China for a few more months!

Instinct, animals for film Inc
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Photo: Director Jean Jaques Annaud meets his newest stars with wolf trainer Andrew Simpson in China
Photo: Andrew Simpson with hero Chinese wolf 'Cloudy'

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