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It's Time for US filmmakers to get back 35% CASH for Film

By: Janine Charles-Farray | May 23, 2012

It\'s Time for US filmmakers to get back 35% CASH for Film

Trinidad & Tobago, the twin island nation in the Caribbean, maintains its position as the #1 location offering the best Caribbean film incentive in the world with an upgrade to a competitive 35% CASH Back rebate on film production on the islands. This rebate program was enhanced in late 2011 with a view to attracting International producers to Trinidad & Tobago. The incentive, called the Production Expenditure Rebate Program, provides cash rebates up to 35% for expenditures accrued while filming in our twin island paradise.

The new rebate system is tiered based on ranges of expenditure from 12.5% for productions of expenditures from US$100,000 up to US$499,999, 15% for productions from $500,000 to $999,999, or the maximum 35% rebate for productions spending from US$1m up to US$2m.

Qualifying expenditure includes local equipment, supplies and services, local municipal payments, location fees, local crew employment, accommodation, food and local travel.

"It is our intention to create a vibrant film industry that will see Trinidad & Tobago become the premier production centre of the Caribbean," reinforces Carla Foderingham, CEO at the Trinidad & Tobago Film Company. "We are making a late entry as an active film-producing country and, as such, it's a really exciting time for us all. Already several film producers from Norway and Canada have benefited from getting CASH Back for filming in Trinidad and Tobago. Now, it's time for filmmakers and location managers in the US to consider us for future productions."

Trinidad and Tobago hosts a cosmopolitan and diverse ethnic heritage, traditional and modern architecture and industry services in place include location and talent scouts, editing and post-production services. Films previously shot in Trinidad & Tobago include 1957's 'Heaven Knows' with Robert Mitchum, 1960's 'Swiss Family Robinson', 1995's 'The Phoenix And The Magic Carpet', 2001's Merchant Ivory project 'The Mystic Masseur', 2008's 'Contract Killers' by Tritan Northstar productions, 2009 SFNorge's 'Limbo' and soon to be released in 2013, 'Home Again' by Hungry Eyes Film and TV Inc., starring Fresh Prince of Bel Air's Tatyanna Ali..

The Trinidad and Tobago Film Company will be exhibiting at the AFCI Locations Trade Show 2012. Visit us at booth 506. More information on the new 35% CASH Back rebate can be found at by email or by calling 1-826-625-FILM (3456).

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