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Camera Car Systems' New 2012 Ford Raptor SVT 4X4 Camera Truck!

By: David MacDonald | May 14, 2012

Camera Car Systems\' New 2012 Ford Raptor SVT 4X4 Camera Truck!

Camera Car Systems and Filmotechnic are excited to announce the introduction of our new Ford Raptor SVT Camera Truck.
CCS has been searching for the perfect off-road vehicle platform for some time. We have found that vehicle, the Ford Raptor SVT.
In stock form it's equipped with a 6.2 L V8 that puts out 411hp and 434 ft lbs of torque.
Of course we couldn't leave it well enough alone. We modified it to produce 500hp and 480 ft lbs of torque.
Suspension is set up with Fox Internal Triple bypass shocks, a 7"wider stance, 11.5" of front wheel travel and 13.5" of rear wheel travel .
The Raptor's interior is set up with HD monitors and playback systems.
Outfitted with the latest generation Russian Arm and Flight Head V from the Academy Award winning Filmotechnic Ukraine, we can offer the perfect off-road experience for your production needs.

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