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Making Monster Makers

By: Tech Works FX Studios | May 9, 2012

Making Monster Makers

Tech Works FX Studios, a special creature effects company in Los Angeles and now Louisiana who is known for their animatronic animals, creatures and robots, and they have worked on such movies as A.I., Cat in the Hat, MIB2, I Am Legend, G.I. Joe, Sorcerers Apprentice and Enders game as well as many many more films and TV shows and commercials. They now have added a new twist to their creative genius, teaching.

Tech Works has started a new school to teach the actual skills that we use every day in a working FX shop to anyone who wants to join.

Valek Sykes the owner of Tech Works FX Studios has often said he could teach the proper skills needed to work in a shop in a matter of weeks compared to these high priced make up fx schools that have milled out tons of kids that simply are not worth hiring in our industry. The problem is two reasons; they are not skilled enough to work in a shop and they are not experienced enough to work on set. It's that simple. Most shops just don't hire them or they have to try to teach them properly on the job. "its a shame" says Valek, "these guys are so driven and interested in our industry but they just don't have the proper training after many months and spending 10's of thousands in these schools. Now they literally beg to scrub my floors just to get into the industry. It was a serious and discouraging problem in our industry so we spent over a year developing a course to address it and its been great for everyone. It gives us new energy and gives them the real skills to work and get into the industry they dreamed about. We love what we do and now we share that with the next generation of creative artists and it's been simply great."

Tech Works FX has been in many cutting edge and creative projects over the past decade but this new direction has brought new blood and new energy to our great fx industry. We know that we have ensured that the industry will be stronger and as we plan out the next creature and robot project, we will have some really good hands on board to bring it all to life.

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