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Academy Award-Winning Director Paul Haggis Signs with Saville

By: Twee Tran | May 2, 2012

Academy Award-Winning Director Paul Haggis...

Saville Productions is proud to announce the signing of Academy Award-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis for exclusive commercial representation in the United States.

Haggis is an exciting addition to Saville's top stable of directors. Haggis directed the critically acclaimed drama-thriller film Crash, which earned an Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay.

Haggis is known for his memorable dramatic storytelling style and in 2006 he became the only person in Oscar history to win two best picture Oscars in a row for Million Dollar Baby which he wrote and produced and Crash which he wrote produced and directed.

Saville's Executive Producer Rupert Maconick adds, "We are extremely delighted to have such an accomplished storyteller on board. Most who are familiar with our group of directors know that we are constantly striving to be the best. Paul's modern human stories are the perfect marriage for advertising concepts in the US. In fact, we are already in production on our
first project together."

At Saville, Haggis will join a high-profile roster of feature film directors including: Martin Campbell, Barry Levinson, James McTeigue, Bryan Singer, Wim Wenders, Roger Michell and high-end commercials directors including Lance Kelleher, David Harner, Daniel Borjesson, Ago Panini and Robert Nylund.

Saville Productions is represented on the East Coast by Michael Eha, in the Mid-West by Nikki Weiss and on the West Coast by Connie Mellors and Ellen Dempsey-Hines.

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