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Super Bowl Halftime Show Success

By: Jennifer Aguirre | April 16, 2012

Super Bowl Halftime Show Success

On February 5, 2012, NBC televised the most-watched Super Bowl halftime show ever, which featured Madonna and drew over 112.6 million viewers. Set construction company All Access Staging & Productions could not be happier with the finished product. The Torrance-based Corporation was responsible for a majority of the manufacture and game-day execution of the elaborate stage & set. This is the second year that All Access has fabricated halftime show staging components.

Renowned set designer Bruce Rodgers from Tribe Design created the concept drawings for the halftime show set and worked closely with All Access to make his vision a reality.

"We've worked with Bruce for many years, and he always dreams up incredible design ideas," notes Erik Eastland, President of All Access. "We also collaborated with Cap Spence and Tony Houser, the lead staging supervisors, who were a pleasure to work with."

Eastland explains that there were two main considerations taken into account for the build: first and foremost, the football game is the main event at the Super Bowl, so the design and construction could not affect the football field; secondly, the set had to deploy in seven minutes and assemble quickly, cleanly and seamlessly.

Set construction took six weeks at the All Access fabrication facility, and onsite assembly and rehearsal spanned twenty-seven days.

This was the first Super Bowl stage to contain such a large quantity of lifts - six in total - of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, this was the first set to contain a projection floor, and it was a unique challenge to create an appropriate surface. All Access teamed up with IMG, the projection company, to ensure that the surface was primed projection. The set also involved a multi-level platform setup as well as Hero stairs which were front-lit with Color Blocks. PRG was responsible for the lighting components. All Access also created and engineered the slackline frame.

"As always, Madonna puts a lot of effort into her show, and it's always exciting to work with such a dedicated and hardworking artist," adds Eastland.

The All Access onsite crew was comprised of Tim Fallon, Fidel Garza, Roger Cabot, Tom Keno, Arturo Martinez, and Zack Eastland. There were over 100 wheels attached to the undercarriage of the stage, and 622 volunteers were needed to assemble the set onsite a mere five minutes - two minutes under the allocated time.

"We had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback after this year's halftime show. Our team was incredible, and I was so proud to be involved with such a stellar finished product," Eastland adds.

About All Access Staging and Production: Know Our People, Know Our Company

A decade-and-a-half ago, All Access was started by Clive Forrester and Erik Eastland to make a lasting mark on the entertainment industry. They surrounded themselves with people who shared their passion to expand the horizons. Looking back at the company's accomplishments, they made a lot of good choices.

The entire All Access staff is highly experienced in entertainment technology - from lighting and staging to electro-mechanics and special effects. When you bring a project to All Access, you get the benefit of literally hundreds of years of collective experience in creative solutions.

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