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CENTRO NET Productions' studios in the South Bay have become an alternative to conventional Hollywood

By: Rolando Nichols | April 9, 2012

CENTRO NET Productions\' studios in the South Bay...

In an endlessly changing world where cutting-edge is paramount for media production, CENTRO NET offers an alternative in the South Bay area to those looking to shoot outside of Hollywood or the San Fernando Valley, but staying very close to LAX and Raleigh Studios. "Our location in Torrance has allowed us to offer our clients a much more competitive price on everything and not have to worry about parking" said Jaime Hernandez, founder of CENTRO Net Productions. "We are seeing more and more production companies coming to us in the South Bay because we are flexible, we understand production and they are not dealing with a corporate structure that a lot of times makes it very difficult and interferes with the art we are trying to create, plus they get more for their dollars".

CENTRO NET offers a streamlined, state-of-the-art, high-end production facility to turn any vision into reality. CENTRO Net offers stage and green screen rentals, has a full HD control room with fiber connectivity to all major hubs, edit stations and plenty of space for productions offices, and more importantly an understanding of the industry with the ability to interface with clients at any stage of production.

The company currently produces a live daily TV show for a local independent station in Los Angeles and is involved in the production of commercials, feature films, web-episodes, corporate videos. CENTRO Net Productions is also part of the broadcast team for the "Rose Parade" and the company offers on location production services for live sporting events such as the MLS Galaxy games for Time Warner Cable, Award shows, Concerts and any other type of on-location media production.

"Our clients are shooting at our location for work they are doing for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Univision, and many different advertising agencies, it's exciting to see the diversity of work that is being done in the whole South Bay area, but Torrance specifically, and to be part of it" said Jaime Hernandez, who is in charge of running the studio. For more information call Mr. Hernandez directly at 310-237-5653 or visit

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