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By: MO FITZGIBBON | March 15, 2012


Writer/producer/director Mo Fitzgibbon of Walker/Fitzgibbon TV and Films has collaborated as Episodic Producer with Big Machine - Robot Field & Post for INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY CHANNEL'S new docu-crime reality series 'REAL VICE MIAMI' episode titled, "The Miami River Cops. " The episode is slated to air Wednesday, April 4 at 10 PM Eastern/Pacific.
The series is helmed by Executive Producers Steve Petersen and Sean Owolo of Big Machine; Miami Herald journalist Jon O'Neill; veteran showrunner Jim Lindsay (Unsolved Mysteries, Modern Marvels, Pearl Harbor, Attack on America), and Co-producer Liza Maddrey.
O'Neill approached Fitzgibbon about bringing her true crime story of Miami police officers gone bad - ripping off and eventually murdering drug thugs in the cocaine-crazed Miami of the 1980's to the channel. Fitzgibbon had been following the story for several years, documenting the investigation of the case. Over time she secured life story rights on the detectives and the bad cops, wrote an original treatment, and produced and directed a short in order to show the dynamics of the riveting and compelling true story as a film and television property. Big Machine and Discovery Channel executives were so impressed by her presentation that they fast-tracked "The Miami River Cops" to be the first episode to go into production on the new series.

In the I.D. documentary, Fitzgibbon is featured on camera as the true crime writer/screenwriter along with the detectives who cracked the case. Executive producer Jim Lindsay said, "We could not have produced the River Cops episode of Real Vice Miami without the professional heavy lifting provided by Mo Fitzgibbon. She had already written and documented the case, so it was no-brainer. Coupled with the rare combination of filmmaker/journalist who is experienced, creative, and knows how to tell a story cinematically, truthfully, and with integrity. She is a great storyteller. And she looks damn good on camera!"
Fitzgibbon said, "When I screened the final cut, I bawled my eyes out. The exceptional eye of the Director Steve Petersen, the fantastic imagery, overall look and edgy style was what we had envisioned for the documentary.
We have gone from a treatment to a short to a documentary and now the screenplay - the scripted series is fully plotted and written; the material has come full circle," Fitzgibbon added.
Executive Producer - Walker/Fitzgibbon partner Robert W. Walker has supported Fitzgibbon from the beginning on this project. "I have seen her build this from the ground up, and her passion overrides all obstacles. Her dogged and determined attitude is unrelenting. She has sacrificed so much to get this far. We are very proud of what she has accomplished with the material and the writing of the screenplay. She will get this film made - this is her Hurt Locker."
LA-based Walker/Fitzgibbon TV and Films is an innovative production company known for its work in Web series, Documentaries, Biographies, Music specials, Music Videos and National Commercials. The company's clients include: NBC Universal, FOX, LIFETIME, HBO, MTV/VH1/CMT, TELEMUNDO, UNIVISION, DirecTV, SONY MUSIC, EPIC RECORDS, and EMI. For more information, please visit us on Facebook at or call 323-469-6800.
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