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Atlanta Film Studios open for business in Paulding County

By: Gail Smerigan | March 8, 2012

With more and more film and TV productions based in Atlanta, the Peach State is quickly earning a new nickname: Hollywood of the South.

Now, a new film studio in Paulding County is looking to bring more movie magic to Atlanta. With nearly six months of construction behind them, owners of Atlanta Film Studios are open for business.

"This is a flexible space, so really there are no limitations to what you can do," said Jeremy Hariton, co-owner of RoadTown Enterprises.

"Facility-wise, we have everything you need to shoot a major feature film."

The 11-acre facility is outfitted with two 20,000 square foot soundstages and a 30,000 foot mill space. Hariton's Los Angeles based company is courting business from their hometown to come to Georgia; they are looking to attract everything from music videos and TV shows to feature films.
"Sound stages like this, I think, will pop up in more places around the state, and I think that is what will help root the business here," Hariton said.

Paulding County is certainly no stranger to the bright lights of Hollywood. Footloose and Joyful Noise are just the latest movies that have been shot there.

But county officials say because of the new studio, the economic boon that comes along with large film crews could be there to stay.

"It's like building a building. There's a tremendous amount of money spent on materials and labor when a building is built. And this will be like building a building every time a production comes to town," said Caric Martin, marketing manager for Paulding County.

There are only four sound stages of its kind in the Atlanta area. Hariton says the first production should come sometime this spring.

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