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Coming to America

By: Sussan Sharifian | March 5, 2012

I recently bought a house- how exciting! A lovely place, built in the 70's - not bad! Some of you have actually built your own homes - or contracted it done, great fun to watch the progress, make sure it has all the personalized touches that will make your life so much richer and better. Now, picture this: you select the design that best fits your lifestyle, the floor plan makes sense to you, colors that suit you, you choose the appliances you require, the furnishing you like, fabrics and patterns that will make it perfect, and you ship it all to your builder in the UK...

Ah HA you say, moving to the UK?! Definitely not. In fact, now we have the daunting task of shipping it - and the vessel it's installed in - back to the US and into Marina Del Rey! This 47 X 12 X 7 foot high custom-built home is a flat bottom boat! An over-sized luxury river barge, which will become the dream home of a retired professor and his lady! The finish9ing touches have been applied, now we're preparing to ship this beauty "across the pond," then truck it on to the marina that will be its new home.

This is part one of "Coming to America" - part two will be the photo journal of the trip from the port to the marina!

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