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New York Office Launched with Video Conferencing System.

By: Brandon Blake | Feb 15, 2012

Announcing the opening of our second office location in New York at 45 Rockefeller Plaza, in the center of Manhattan's Rockefeller Center and next door to NBC Studios. Our New York location will allow us to even better serve clients involved in the television, publishing, and independent film business.

As part of our expanded services we have also installed a video conferencing system. Video conferencing is a quick and convenient way to meet face-to-face. Our new system is provided through our own website, meaning all you need is a webcam. There are no downloads or installations required.

We very much appreciate your business. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions. Thanks again for working with us.

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Los Angeles Office:
1801 Century Park East, Twenty-Fourth Floor, LOS ANGELES, CA 90067

New York Office:
45 Rockefeller Plaza, Suite 2000, New York, NY 10111

Phone: (877) 434-5688

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