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Imperial Surface Technologies Debuts Super Durable Chrome & Metal Finishes Specifically for the Industry!

By: Samuel Perea | February 14, 2012

Imperial Surface Technologies is the Industry's leading Prop and Special Effects Paint Manufacture with Chrome and Metal finishes as well as coatings designed to adhere to rubber, foam, wood steel and latex. Specifically designed for work in the film and theme park applications all of our
products are meant to flow seamlessly into processes already in use and work with effortlessly with other bands already in most shops. Built for the specific needs of film and television as well as harsh environments of most theme parks the durability and quality of our products are

at the forefront of our goals to deliver a product that many in the industry have already found to be far superior that leading brands.

19301 Santa Fe Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90221
(562) 506-4774

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