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Get the Best Selection of Holiday Production Needs Now from Rose Brand

By: Rose Brand | November 1, 2018

The Best Selection of Holiday Production Needs

We have LED Curtains, Event Drapes, Masking, Snow Machines, Hardware, hundreds of fabrics, and countless production supplies in stock now. Some of these items are available for Rent as well. Call 800-223-1624 or email a Rose Brand sales rep for more information.

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ShowLED Star Drop/Chameleon

Rent or buy, but book now to create that starry sky backdrop for holiday Productions! Simple to program, hang and operate.

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Nebula Net

Want to project the ghost of Christmas past in a video and see it "magically" appear and float in space? This is the ultimate illusion material. Virtually undetectable when stretched taut in front of an audience. Purchase only.

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Choose holiday colors and textures from the hundreds of fabric that we have in stock.

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Get your holiday production hardware, rigging and equipment from the same place you get all of your other production supplies. All brands are in stock now! Purchase only.

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Mirror Sphere Balls

These giant, highly reflective, holiday ornaments create a "wow" effect on stage or at events. Easily inflated on site for lowered transport costs and worries. Purchase only.

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Snow Machine

Rent or buy, motorized snow and confetti effects from a dusting to a blizzard. 5' long drums with a diameter of 8" connect together to create your desired length.

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