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By: Markus Davids | January 10, 2012

Los Angeles based bag manufacturer CineBags is proud to introduce our new CB-01 Production Bag. The CB01 production bag has been a standard of todays camera assistant and camera owners. With its removable interior pouch systems it helps keep camera tools and accessories organized for maximum efficiency on the set.

The new 2012 CB01 Production Bag is an evolution of our 2003 NAB Broadcast Engineering Award Winning CB01 Production Bag and reflects notes and suggestions from our trusted end users. At its core the Production Bag features a removable interior pouch system that allows for a user configurable interior of the bag to keep gear and accessories in order. The main new features of the bag are an increase in size by about 15%, 2 new carry handle that meet in the center of the bag, all exterior pouches use oversized zipper instead of Velcro and are lined with ripstop, a new and redesigned carry strap with adjustable shoulder pad, new metal hardware as well as see through grip mesh that is used in the interior flap of the bag.

Included with the bag are: 4 removable interior pouches, shoulder strap with movable shoulder pad, CineBags Key Chain, removable bottom and side walls Other features: Waterproof fabric, bottom rail to protect fabric, see through mesh pouches for small items, vertical pouches for liquids CineBags dealer network, such as B&H, AbelCine Tech, Express Vide Supply, Adorama, Filmtools and Studio Depot .

About CineBags - Established by cinematographer and camera operators to accommodate the tools and cameras we use every day. Our CB-01 Production Bag was given the Broadcast Engineering Award at the 2003 NAB. We constantly thrive to create the best, most versatile, while affordable gear bags in the market.

For more information please contact Markus Davids in our Los Angeles headquarter.
Markus Davids, SOC
CineBags, Inc
825 Western Ave # 17
Glendale, CA 91201
T 818 662 0605
F 818 662 0613

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