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By: Wilcox Sound | Hide-A-Mic | October 17, 2018


From your favorite microphone concealing company comes another game-changing microphone holder. With the Hide-A-Mic B-Flex, you can easily place a lavalier microphone directly to the body without worrying about fabric touching the microphone, it creates a physical space around the microphone so you can pick it, stick it, shoot it and have clear recordings while you do it.

Each B-Flex is handmade with a skin-friendly soft, flexible, silicone rubber. They are easy to apply, remove and clean. Just use one piece of medical transpore tape and it will hold for a complete day of shooting.

1. Apply the microphone with medical tape to the body. Run the wire under the chest.
2. Slide the B-Flex over the microphone and place microphone in the pre-molded cavity.
3. Make sure the skin is dry and use adhesive barrier if necessary to flatten chest hair.
4. Secure the B-Flex with a medical strip horizontally over the base of the holder.

The B-Flex is available in three different colors: Clear, Nude, and Black for the Sanken COS-11, DPA 4060/4071, the NEW DPA 6060 and the Sennheiser MKE2. It also works with any other mic that has the same dimensions.

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