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The Web Theatre is back for the 75th Venice Film Festival

By: 75th Venice Film Festival | August 22, 2018

The Web Theatre is back for the 75th Venice Film Festival

A selection of 18 feature-length films from the Orizzonti, Biennale College Cinema, Sconfini, and Out of Competition sections.

A selection of 18 feature-length films, including eleven from the Orizzonti section, two from Biennale College Cinema, three from Sconfini and two Out of competition, make up the rich programme of world premieres for the Web Theatre of the 75th Venice Film Festival 2018, headed by Alberto Barbera and organized by the Biennale di Venezia chaired by Paolo Baratta.

The titles available online will include 6 highly anticipated Italian films: La profezia dell'armadillo by Emanuele Scaringi (Orizzonti), Un giorno all'improvviso (If Life Give You Lemons) by Ciro D'Emilio (Orizzonti), Il ragazzo piú felice del mondo (The Young Fan) by Gipi (Sconfini), Camorra by Francesco Patierno (Sconfini), Arrivederci Saigon by Wilma Labate (Sconfini), and 1938 Diversi by Giorgio Treves (Out of Competition).

From the Orizzonti section, the line-up for the Web Theatre will be enriched by directors such as Mikhaël Hers from France, previously in competition at Locarno, who will present his film Amanda, and Indonesian director Garin Nugroho, whose musical Requiem from Java was shown in the Orizzonti section in 2006, and who this year will present Memories of my Body.

The line-up also includes two films made within the context of the Biennale College - Cinema, the training workshop for the development and production of micro-budget feature-length films, which since 2012 has launched young talents such as Duccio Chiarini with Short Skin in 2014, Anna Rose Holmer with The Fits in 2015 and Alessandro Aronadio with Orecchie in 2016. This year it will present Deva by Petra Szöcs (Hungary) and Yuva by Emre Yeksan (Turkey).

The screenings, held on behalf of the Venice Film Festival, will be available for the international community on the secure platform dedicated to film lovers, Festival Scope (, whereas the screening for viewers geo-localized within the territory of Italy will be available on and on the platform MYMOVIESLIVE - Nuovo Cinema Repubblica (

For films screened internationally, digital tickets may be purchased starting August 21 on the website of the Biennale and on the website In order to view a film, the user must first register for free and pay for the individual ticket or the pass for 5 films which will be good for one viewing of each film only. Each film (in the original language version with subtitles in English) will be available at 9 pm (Italian time) on the day of the official presentation of the film at the Lido and until September 19th. To view it on MYMOVIESLIVE - Nuovo Cinema Repubblica (with subtitles in Italian), you must register for a subscription to, by connecting to the following address: The subscription will give you access to all the films of the Web Theatre.

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