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To Shoot or Not To Shoot - Calculate Optimal Pallet Loads and Forecast Preliminary Chargeable Weights with Packair's Freight Tools

By: PackAir | May 16, 2018

To Shoot or Not To Shoot

Film producers evaluating whether post-production virtual effects or shooting the real thing on-location may utilize Packair's two new freight tools to calculate their optimal pallet loads and forecast preliminary chargeable weights. Film location trends indicate shooting in various countries brings greater returns on investment. To help with forecasting your film production's most efficient shipping strategies, Packair is proud to announce its two new freight tools to calculate optimal loading strategies, and to forecast preliminary chargeable weights.

By utilizing Packair's Pallet Calculator, you may calculate the optimal pallet load for your cargo. After entering your cargo's dimensions and weights into Packair's Pallet Calculator, it instantly calculates the best configuration of your cargo onto a pallet. Packair's Pallet Calculator includes a rendering of the optimal arrangement of your cargo onto a pallet, as well as a utilization percentage of the volume space utilized.

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If you are wondering how to calculate the chargeable weight of your cargo, then Packair's Chargeable Weight Calculator will come in handy. By entering the measurements and actual weights of your cargos, Packair's Chargeable Weight Calculator will instantly compute the Total Volume (CBF), Total Weight (LBs or KGs), Ocean, Truck and Air Freight Chargeable Weights (LBs or KGs). Utilizing Packair's Chargeable Weight Calculator may help with forecasting costs on shipping your film production equipment and camera and lighting gear.

Since 1973, Packair has been providing A-Z logistics services for over thousands of film productions, tv productions, and commercial productions. Packair offers full-service logistical support for international and domestic productions. In addition to providing domestic and international air, ocean, and ground freight services, as well as intermodal transportation solutions for oversize, high-value, and time-sensitive cargo, Packair is an approved Carnet Service Provider and a TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facility. From the pre-production phases of finding the perfect film locations, to post-production and finally the film premiere, Packair offers tremendous value by providing end-to-end logistics services all with dedicated customer service excellence.

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