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Passport for you Gear! Mexico is now an ATA Carnet country!

By: Esmeralda Miranda | Dec 16, 2011

The Mexican Film Commission supervises the whole country and we basically provide counsel and the necessary information for your shoot: locations photos, film incentives (fiscal and traditional) available in the country and in the states with strong government film support, information on the advantages of coproduction treaties and the ways to seek coproduction partners in Mexico, liaison with state and municipal governments, legal counsel regarding customs, immigration and other production related issues, production directories (crew, rental equipment, general services, production companies, etc.), among others.

Mexico is a one-stop shop where you will find everything you need for your project: talented and experienced crew both above and below the line (one of the best in the world); 2 film studios, plus several individual sound stages; equipment rental companies (state of the art camera, grip & electric, etc.) and film stock supplier (Kodak has an official distributor here); post-production facilities with the latest technology; a growing but strong animation community (studios and post-production); VFX companies; all types of locations such as mountains, desert, beaches, jungle, canyons, varied architecture (modern, colonial, typically Mexican, etc.). Immigration and Customs procedures are fairly easy if your country of residence is a non-restricted nationality according to the Mexican law and the process may vary depending on size of the production and the length of stay in Mexico (please contact us FIRST to check what is best for your project).

A federal tax incentive that works as a rebate: you get the paid VAT (Value Added Tax) back in full, which is of 16% in most of the country and 11% in border towns. The Support Program for the High Impact Film and Audiovisual Industry offers an incentive of up to 17.5% of the production disbursements made in Mexico. It consists of a cash reimbursement applied on the documented expenses and the refund of the Value Added Tax (VAT) incurred by them in the country. Any film or audiovisual production spending a minimum of 70 million pesos in Mexico during its development and production phases, and/or 20 million pesos on post production, may qualify for the financial reimbursements. Production and post production expenses can be combined, but in that case, a minimum of 70 million pesos must be reached. The program offers two benefits: a refund of the Added Value Tax (VAT) of up to 16%, which has already been in effect as a stimulus to the export of goods and services for several years. Since not all spend concepts in Mexico are subject to VAT, the Program provides for funding so producers can receive up to 7.5% of Mexican qualified spend. The two benefits combined come to a net 17.5% of the qualifying production and postproduction costs spent within our country.

Mexico is now an ATA Carnet country
It's basically a passport for merchandise which allows productions to temporarily bring the merchandise into Mexico without paying duties for up to 180 days. The merchandise that can come under this system is basically camera equipment, props, electrical, sound, decor and costumes. This means great savings for productions because they don't need a customs broker and they don't pay any duties.

Once production have the ATA Carnet, they'll have to register it before coming to Mexico here
Is important to make sure Mexico is listed in the ATA Carnet as an ATA Country. Since this is a brand new mechanism here, not every country has it included in the list.

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Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografìa/Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE)

Esmeralda Miranda
Comisión Mexicana de Filmaciones (COMEFILM) / Mexican Film Commission
Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (IMCINE) / Mexican Film Institute
52 (55) 54 48 53 32

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