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The Magical Ephemera of New York City's Biggest Prop House

By: Eclectic / Encore Props | April 17, 2018

The Magical Ephemera of New York City\'s Biggest Prop House

Imagine a place where film & television producers could rent thrones for their medieval sets, top hats for their 19th-century character actors, and fake squirrels for scenes of nature in NYC - this wonderland exists, and all in a Long Island City warehouse!

Eclectic / Encore Props, New York City's largest collections of antiques, furniture, and accessories for rent on the East Coast.

Eclectic / Encore Props' 95,000 sqqure foot space was once a former Pepsi Cola factory!

Eclectic / Encore Props' founder went from only having $175 in her pocket to running one of the largest prop companies on the East Coast. Three-story facility contains props in dozens of categories including Sports & Weapons, Toys, Diner, and Juke Boxes. The comprehensive cataloging system keeps track of over one million props. The company services thousands of New York theater, film, and TV productions!

Logic and Neil Degrasse Tyson filmed/photographed at Eclectic for Complex Magazine
Photographed by F. Scott Schafer

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