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By: PACKAIR | March 28, 2018


Packair Film Production Logistics, Vietnam

Film production logistics can easily involve hundreds of moving parts that must harmoniously synchronize to minimize delays, reduce costs, and perform optimally to ensure a smooth production schedule without costly surprises or damaged cargo. Packair, the top film production logistics service provider since 1973, has made the logistically impossible a reality for hundreds of award winning film productions since its inception. With over 45 years of experience in international transportation, film production logistics, and customs brokerage services, Packair has advised on the following three tips for film production logistics excellence:

1. Before you entrust your precious cargo with an experienced and licensed International Freight Forwarder & Customs Broker, don't be afraid to ask questions.

Too often does cargo go missing, productions experience delays, and rack up costly transport fees. Go with premium export services as it is a costly hassle to replace broken or missing items, especially those that are unique to a production. It is crucial to ask the right questions before you trust the transportation of your valuable freight with a shipping company:

• Why is this route the optimal route?
• Will the cargo reach its destination in time?
• Is this the most secure method of transporting my precious cargo?
• Will you be able to advise another route in case our film location changes?
• Will you be able to safely transport our oversize and high value cargo?

A truly experienced and licensed International Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker should be able to handle your unique film equipment and production cargo to any location in the world and back in a timely and secure fashion, without delays or surprises.

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2. Verify whether your Forwarder has the ability to safely and securely transport cargo internationally by asking if their last few major projects were successfully handled and to where they shipped the cargo.

By asking your Forwarder a little bit about the last few projects they handled, you may learn something from them that you did not know previously. It is hard to trust the shiny marketing and sales pages that various forwarders promote without actually speaking to their representatives or shipping agents. It is valuable to understand the credentials and capabilities of your Forwarder before trusting them to handle your cargo.

Remember, most forwarders can transport cargo eventually, but you want to entrust the forwarder who can transport your cargo safely, securely and speedily. At the end of the day, you want to feel assured that your forwarder is trustworthy, and can deliver their services as promised.

Industry News ImagePackair Film Production Logistics, Tunisia

3. If you are planning to ship your film equipment internationally and your Forwarder is not a licensed and certified ATA Carnet Service Provider, then they are a middle man!

The allure of travelling to a new destination, and experiencing new film locations is so magnetic for audiences. There is an indescribable fascination about undiscovered film locations. Digitally experiencing new lands fulfills viewers curiosity for trailblazing the unknown and leaves them wanting more. Film productions that capture the magical charm of a greater number of unique film locations per production statistically on average produce more success worldwide. In order to most cost effectively shoot in various locations internationally within a short period of time, Packair advises to utilize an ATA Carnet, which is essentially like a passport for your cargo.

The usage of ATA Carnets allows you to benefit from duty free transport of your high value cargo while traveling from film location to film location. ATA Carnets are used to clear customs in 87 territories without paying duties and import taxes on cargo that will be re-exported within a year. If your Forwarder is not a licensed and certified ATA Carnet Service Provider, then they must be outsourcing this legally required filing to a licensed and certified ATA Carnet Service Provider, which means they are a middle man. To get the most efficient ATA Carnet service rate, ship with a forwarder who is a licensed and certified ATA Carnet service provider. Packair is a licensed and certified ATA Carnet Service Provider that offers same day ATA Carnet services.

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