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Learn what the FCC Frequency Reallocation Means for Your Wireless Broadcast Equipment at NAB 2018

By: Bexel | March 20, 2018

FCC rules for Your Wireless Broadcast Equipment at NAB 2018

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) completed the first-ever "incentive auction" designed to repurpose part of the UHF TV spectrum to mobile and cable companies. While the deadline to vacate is July 2020, T-Mobile is rolling out their new coverage at the fastest rate in history, already issuing 120-day vacate notices in a variety of markets. They project they will be active in all their markets before the end of 2018. To avoid interference, do not delay your transition.

Need help? Contact us if you would like a consultation for your wireless systems' FCC compliance and spectrum reallocation deployment needs. We can assist in replacing, re-banding, or reprogramming your current inventory. Bexel also offers specialty audio services that include Frequency Coordination, installations of our custom "Managed Antenna Systems" (MAS) equipment, wireless microphones and IFBs, wireless intercom, and any disposal or upgrade options for ancillary equipment, involving belt packs, antennas, batteries, and headsets.

Visit us at NAB Show this April to learn more. Bexel has moved to a new location in South Hall Upper, NEP Group booth, SU3714. Bexel TSS is in Central Hall, booth C8138, with show specials on used gear.

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