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San Francisco Video Equipment Rental Company 'Glitter's'

By: The Little Giant Lighting & Grip Co. | March 13, 2018

San Fran Video Equipment Rental Company \'Glitter\'s\'

Little Giant Lighting's New Video Shines Spotlight On Indie Filmmakers

SAN FRANCISCO - In the wake of the Oscars and film festivals such as Sundance and SXSW, San Francisco-based The Little Giant Lighting & Grip Co. has released their first short spot 'Glitter ' honoring the conflict and crusade of the ever-dreaming, ever-driven indie filmmaker. It's one part homage, one part call to arms for the creative community.

"You thought for sure you'd have a few Oscars by the time you hit 30, but times have changed... You decide to get a real job. Something still in the industry. And you tell yourself -- my internal corporate videos will be unlike all others that have come before."

"So you lift up your chin and you carry on. And you're reminded of what you once saw written on a bathroom stall at a truck stop off I-5: You can't polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter!"

In other words, pick up your camera - and some Little Giant lighting and grip equipment - and go boldly into that commercial shoot that pays the bills and gives you the means to make movies for a living.

What better way to illustrate that message than to produce a video of both creative and commercial value with their own Little Giant community -- 31 crew members, 47 actors, and 17 locations to be exact. It took over a year to bring it all together, led by dynamic directing duo Cliff Traiman and Jon Bowden. The result is a brilliant work of art that's already amassed thousands of views, likes, shares, and glowing responses.

So let this be a message to all filmmakers and videographers out there. This life may seem hard at times. But in the end, we're getting paid to make movies. So life is pretty good.

Watch the full "Glitter" video below or at

About The Little Giant Lighting & Grip Co

The Little Giant Lighting & Grip Co. is an owner operated grip & lighting equipment rental company - and the only one in San Francisco, CA - with competitive pricing, superior design, and extensive inventory, making them the ideal choice for commercial, corporate, film and video productions of any size.

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