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By: PHANTOMFLEX4K.COM | March 9, 2018


Capture the beauty of details that can only be seen through slow motion phantom camera photography.

The Phantom Flex4K is a high-speed camera which produces low noise and accurate blacks with a high dynamic range. This camera comes with 128GB internal memory.

Phantom Flex4K high-speed camera offers flexibility, low noise, and high dynamic range. Its sensor delivers sharp, detailed images. You can capture almost anything at super slow motion speed. Use the on-board camera controls instead of a computer or other interface to adjust settings and control the camera or have Paul do it!

Customize your workflow to suit your production. The Flex4K records Cine RAW for fast, high-speed capture or Apple ProRes 422 HQ to improve downtime, save on hard drive space, and simplify your workflow or have Paul do all the work!

You can convert your footage outside the camera to another format, if you want. Vision Research states that they selected ProRes 422 HQ due to the inherent quality and compression value when compared to Cine Raw files.

DIT / Owner Operator

1000FPS 4K, 2000FPS 2K

4096 X 2304 (max res) 938fps (max loop ) 10 seconds

4096 X 2160 ( 4K std ) 1000fps ( max loop ) 4.9 seconds

1920 X 1080 ( 16 X 9 ) 1977fps (max loop ) 20.2 seconds

2T mags and downloading Station

Phantom Vision Research Certified

Pomfort Silverstack Media Acquisition

DaVinci Color Correction

Phantom Flex 4K with PL mount and EF mount

Arri Amira with PL mount and EF mount

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