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The Animal Actors at The Lazy SP

By: THE LAZY SP | March 6, 2018

The Animal Actors at The Lazy SP

Our standard of excellence will help you achieve a natural and authentic relationship between the animal and human performers. Our animals are prepared to accommodate the changing needs of your production demands. The innovative scope of our team brings depth of knowledge and expertise in order to maximize the performance of our animal actors. Safety is an essential aspect of our operation during every phase of production above and below the line.

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Our cowboys are available to assist with our animal talent during your project. Please call for more information.

Feature Films:
American Sniper
Ridiculous 6
Down in the Valley
Starring Pancho Via as Himself: (subcontractor)
Second Chances

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King of Texas: (subcontractor)
Westworld (Season 1)

Short Films:
Wild Horses
The Last Duane

2014- Acura- "Let the Race Begin"
2014- Time Warner (Grandma's House 2014 Superbowl Commercial)
ATG-The Rush
Dodge Trucks


2013- "Quick Draw" (Part of Season 1)
2014- "Quick Draw" (All of Season 2)

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